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Director-Business Development 

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Akhil drives sustainable financial growth through running effective marketing campaigns and building meaningful relationships with clients. He conducts research and makes informed decisions on launching into new markets based on the needs of our clients. He analyzes the reports of sales, revenue, marketing, and accounts.

He develops business development strategies focused on improving the systems and processes. He is equipped with leadership competencies, market knowledge, time management, planning skills, communication, and negotiation skills.

He is proficient in interpersonal skills, which include driving his team to achieve superior performance benchmarks.


Mallika T R


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Mallika T R creates and implements our organisation's vision and mission. She leads the development of the company's short-term and long-term strategies. She engages with the directors to ensure that the practise continues to grow in its position. She partners with the organisation's directors to improve their morale.


She ensures that the company maintains a high level of integrity in the business.

Her experience and expertise encompass counselling and psychotherapy, REBT, NLP, psychometrics and coaching. She is a member of the NHRD. She partners with clients to discuss the struggles and the challenges they are going through. She helps them develop personalities of success.

At Parenting Absolute, she helps you overcome your challenges and obstacles which will help you think strategically to resolve your concerns and issues.