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Discover the range of Assessments from Parenting Absolute.

Parenting Absolute Psychometric Assessment

The Gamified Assessment

This is a psychological assessment test. This test is consistent, objective and interpretable. This test has been customised to measure individual differences and interpret the results. Under the classifications, it is a combination of situational, projective, personality inventory assessment. It has been developed based on observation and interview tests from multiple subjects from varying geographies. This test consists of a series of real-life scenarios in which individuals are expected to complete specified tasks by experiencing them as the protagonist.

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Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test and career guide for children between 14 and 19 years.

Aptitude tests are used to assess specialised capabilities required for various professions and tasks. Tests of achievement rely on a person's past knowledge and skills. Ability tests, which include intelligence and ability tests, are designed to overcome performance gaps and reveal what people are capable of achieving at their best; in other words, ability tests are meant to evaluate capacity or potential.

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