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Communicative Parenting

A Communication With Children Certification

What You'll Learn

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in various aspects of life. It is a skill that can be developed and honed over time, and it plays a vital role in personal and professional fulfilment.

Children are the future generation. Guiding your children on the right path would go a long way in achieving great communication with your children. Children require the help of parents since they are still making an effort to adapt to the changes taking place in and around them. Good communication forms the foundation of strong and healthy relationships with your children, easing their development. It plays a very important role in allowing you to influence, persuade and be understood by your children.

As young children, they are prone to throwing up tantrums frequently, posing a challenge to many parents due to difficulties in communicating with them. This course has been designed to aid you in understanding your children and communicating effectively with them from their childhood, through their adolescence and adulthood.

By understanding how to communicate with your children, your children will be empowered to express themselves clearly, which is a very important aspect of their growth, alongside learning to solve problems in solitude and in teams.

Sections & Parts

Section One: SMART Parenting


  1. Introduction

Who Will Benefit?

Learning Objectives

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