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Piping & Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID)

Process flowsheets describe the nature of the process, and, the arrangements & flows of major chemical species and operational equipment.

It is, however, the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) that provide an extensive description of the engineering details relevant to equipment, instruments, piping, valves and fittings.

These P&IDs, also referred to as Engineering Line Diagrams lay the foundation for the architects of production facilities. They provide clarity to the employees, the authorities and the architects involved in approving, constructing and maintaining these large-scale continuously operating plants.

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Process Flow Diagram Design

The problem statement you provide us is converted and translated to be developed into a process flow diagram that represents a model process/process plant.

Process and Facility Analysis

The proposed project is evaluated and the group of processes to be performed are analyzed. Subsequently, the properties of raw materials and suitable plant materials are analyzed.

Equipment Analysis

The equipment(s) facilitating the processes and operations are analyzed. The equipment and its allied mountings and accessories are defined as are their physical and chemical properties.

Systems Analysis

The process in the production facility needs to be accompanied by certain control systems, digital-computerized or manual. Control systems suitable to the specific process are studied and the best control systems are selected for operation.

Piping & Instrumentation Drawing & Flowsheeting

Once the process has been comprehensively studied and analyzed, the process flowsheet is prepared, where all the necessary information pertaining to the equipments, mountings, accessories and pipes are displayed.

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