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Benefits of Learning the Professional Certification Course - PAIL (TM)

Updated: Sep 6

God helps those who help themselves. Similarly, learning is for those who love growing and improving in their lives. Those who make learning and gaining knowledge, skills and competencies a part of their life's journey will always find success as their close companion.

'Psychology' is one of the most significant life sciences, whether it is employed in economics, business, medical practice, organization, effective relationships, or as the cornerstone of life coaching.

Psychology is an applied science that is utilized not just to gain an understanding of another, but most importantly of oneself through continuous self improvement to gain mastery of oneself. It is a science because it teaches concepts that can be applied based on one's own experiences, the experience of others, and experiments that aids one to arrive at facts and figures from statistical analysis.

As a person grows older, he or she must learn to make wise decisions in life. Choosing a professional certification program is crucial because it aids them in starting with their careers, transitioning from an existing one to a new one, as an additional source of income or simply to add on to their existing repertoire of skills and competencies to ensure a happy and comfortable life.

Parenting Absolute Institute believes in propelling your learning and potential to reach new peaks through comfort and happiness. With the goal to help you realize the new pinnacle of your potential, the experts at Parenting Absolute Institute have designed and developed PAIL™. Parenting Absolute Institute Life Coaching Psychology, is a professional certification program for a duration of two years.

This certification is for all of you who aspire to learn and grow while pursuing education from any stream, irrespective of whether you have studied science, engineering, law, medicine, accounting, humanities or any other vocational course, as there exist no barriers to stop you from learning the concepts taught here.

The curriculum has been carefully crafted by the experts keeping in mind the students, the newest advancements and the depth of concepts. It includes the fundamental principles of pure and applied Psychology to assist the students in grasping the core concepts of life coaching. The course includes various curricular activities including assignments, quizzes and lab sessions to assist the students in gaining a thorough comprehensive understanding of the concepts explained by the instructors. The practical sessions included in the curriculum help the students understand and reinforce the concepts on a deeper level that assure valuable outcomes when applied that enhance the student’s proficiency and self-efficacy in coaching.

In addition, internships and mentoring are provided to help the students learn the finer nuances of a coach-client relationship in practice. This course, equips the students with all requisite competencies, aiding the students to be confident and articulate their thoughts succinctly, preparing them for a broad variety of career options. Following the examination, the students would be awarded a certificate based on their C.G.P.A.

The Benefits You Receive

  1. Life coaching psychology certification course provides structured and professional training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective life coach.

  2. Learn various coaching techniques, communication skills, active listening, and questioning strategies that are essential for helping clients achieve their goals.

  3. Comprehend the ethical guidelines and standards that life coaches should adhere to, ensuring ethical and responsible coaching services.

  4. Receive a certificate of completion. Earn a recognized certification and enhance your credibility, opening the doors to more clients and opportunities.

  5. The life coaching program includes self-awareness and personal development components, helping you gain insights into your own life while learning to support others in their personal growth journeys.

  6. Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills, valuable for coaching and for personal and professional relationships.

  7. Gain knowledge and skills through the course, enhancing your confidence in your coaching abilities.

  8. Beyond just professional development, the life coaching course facilitates personal transformation, helping you become a better version of yourself.

  9. The course offers an internship program aiding you to learn the finer nuances of the coaching practice through the experience you gain on your coaching journey.

Life coaching program provides structured education, skill development, and certification that helps you advance in your career, aspire to become a professional life coach or want to integrate coaching skills into your existing profession. Furthermore, the personal development and self-awareness gained through the course significantly influences numerous aspects of your life.

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