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Fixed or Flexible?

Updated: Sep 10

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. But there are people who have the ability to squeeze in a lot of things in the day and still remain energetic, enthusiastic and full of life even by the end of the day. Here, we explore how some people manage to stretch their days irrespective of the same 24 hours available to them, while some struggle to even complete a few responsibilities and always feel overwhelmed, stressed and burnout.

Well, many people would point it towards prioritizing their day which is no doubt essential. There are many things you may have on your mind, but very little time. For instance, as a professional, you may have to ensure the breakfast and lunch is packed for yourself and the family, kids are dropped off to school and you reach your office on time. There are other important tasks in the evening to spend time with kids and family, ensure the dinner is ready, supporting kids in completing their work and projects etc. So, what is the best way to get everything done and still remain energetic without getting stressed and tired.

What can you do?

Like the saying goes that, "if you think you have a bad day, you are right". The same is true of of the day being good if you think so.

Applying the same principle, it first starts with your perception that you can complete all your tasks for the day even though we all know that time stops for none. The more you are flexible in your thought, the easier it is complete your job in hand. It does not matter how big or small the job is.

The next important aspect is to be positive. With a positive attitude, you can achieve anything you desire. It is natural for people to think in negative terms initially as our brain shifts to fight or flight response in critical situations. It is important to tell our brain that everything is fine.

Taking one step at a time without anxiety and stress, can help you manage your day comfortably. However, we have taken an example that may differ from that of your situation. The above two steps although simple may require some changes and persistence. It is here, that we at Parenting Absolute understand people and their predicaments. So, click here to book your session with us today! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ParentingAbsolute, and engage with us on Twitter @ParentingAbsol1.


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