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Gain poise through music

Updated: Sep 10

Creativity knows no bounds. The impact that a piece of soothing music can have on us is immeasurable. Every living organism is enthralled and responds well to music.

It is proven that the brain can calm down with music when it is in a state of disarray. Most, who are inundated by overwhelming thoughts keeping them either in a state of euphoria or anxiety know very well, that the seamless alternative would be to listen to their choice of music.

Choose a piece of music that makes you relaxed rather than give you any other emotion. Typically, classical music brings comfort and relaxation while rock music leads to discomfort. Music is used as a therapy and scientific evidence supports it to alleviate pain, suffering, anxiety or stress.

Music would bring them back to reality if they are in a state of euphoria or take them away from it for the moment far from their present state thereby transferring stability to their mind. To attain poise in one's nature, can there be any other creative source better than music?

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