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How to Overcome Stress?

Updated: Sep 10

Meditation is practiced to quiet down our forever restless mind and body activity. Before settling down to do any activity that requires intense use of mental capacities, making it a practice to sit down for a few minutes, brings down our heart rate and calms our mind. This prepares our brain to work creatively for long durations without getting anxious. One of the best ways to manage stress in the workplace is to practice meditation regularly, preferably at the same time of the day. Parenting Absolute recommends practicing meditation every time you sit down to perform any task as it aids in working effortlessly and with ease. Meditation also clears any unwanted thoughts and baggage you might carry from your previous day that could interrupt your flow while working on any important task.

By practicing meditation every day in the simple method as detailed below starting with just a few minutes to any duration you are comfortable, will help you remain calm and be focused for the entire day.

Steps to follow:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit down in your home with good ventilation and sunlight.

  2. Either place a mat on the floor and sit down cross-legged and if you are not comfortable, then sit on a chair.

  3. Close your eyes

  4. Deep breathe for fifty counts.

  5. Then imagine any place mentally that is calming.

  6. Stay in that place for as long as you wish.

  7. With ten more deep breaths open your eyes and continue with your work effortlessly.

At Parenting Absolute, our trained coaches understand your individual concerns that are unique to you and are here to assist you in remaining peaceful and overcoming stress. We therefore encourage you to schedule your appointment with the experts who can positively help you transform.


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