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How To Perform Impressively In Examinations?

Updated: Sep 10

Examinations are a composite part of human beings engaged in learning and educating themselves irrespective of age. Everyone intends to perform splendidly in examinations. However, the percentage of achieving success depends on preparing for it. When planning a course of action towards excellent performance does not materialize, there is a scope for failure. It is imperative to follow a certain methodology to emerge triumphant which is clearly executed to perfection by an intelligent student.

The points enumerated below when executed and implemented meticulously prove to be extremely useful that will bring you immense joy and victory.

  1. Listen actively: While the teacher / lecturer teaches the subject in the class, ensure you listen actively and not get distracted.

  2. Clarify doubts: When in doubt, seek clarification from the teacher. You can be in doubt only when you make an effort to read and understand. Without reading the chapter, there is no question of doubts arising in your mind.

  3. Survey: Prior to embarking on reading the chapters in a particular subject, skim through them to gain a fair understanding of the topics covered in it.

  4. Read it multiple times: If you find it difficult to remember the answers, formulas, equations, names, numbers or anything, read it multiple times to memorize them.

  5. Recall: Recalling the material learnt helps you reinforce the learning. Mindlessly learning the chapter contents for examination and later forgetting it is not practiced by the intelligent. It is important to comprehend the contents thoroughly for better recall.

  6. Review: After memorizing the material, review your learning by answering questions pertaining to the chapter. This provides the necessary confidence to perform well.

  7. Additional reading: As and when necessary, read additional material from books available in the library and internet to gain a complete foothold on the subject.

  8. Practice: Subjects pertaining to Math, physics, biology and chemistry, make it a point to write and practice the problems, equations, graphs and any drawings multiple times till you are completely confident about it.

  9. Discipline: Last but not the least, it is critical to be disciplined, focused and committed while studying. Avoid any distractions that would stray you away from your goal.

All the above are not only essential but compulsory for you to perform excellently well in your examination. However, if you are facing any difficulty in developing concentration in your studies, you must seek help. At Parenting Absolute, coaches provide assistance through coaching to students to develop concentration in studies. Our trained coaches understand your individual concerns that are unique to you and are here to assist you in becoming victorious. We therefore encourage you to schedule your appointment with the experts who can positively help you transform.


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