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How to plan your day?

Updated: Sep 10

Everyone, at some point of time in their lives, believes that they do not have enough time to get through the tasks they intend to accomplish in the day, even with a lot of careful planning. There is a desire for some people to be on top of everything and not be told by anyone that they have missed out or failed to complete a certain activity which happened to be their responsibility.

It is true for every human being to follow the 24 hour clock unless they have attained a state of timelessness. Given that 8 hours are spent in sleep and rest, everyone is therefore left with 16 hours of waking time which should be used prudently. The solution lies in making the most of the waking hours to one’s advantage. It must be planned ahead of time.

Let us now take a look at the following suggestions to help you plan your day:

  1. The planning process begins the day before: Make it a point to sit in meditation for at least 2 - 3 minutes before going to bed every night, and recall your day about the tasks you did as well as those that you still need to attend to. This is not to make you anxious, but to become aware of all the tasks and the estimated time you need for completion the next day.

  2. Break down bigger tasks to smaller chunks: Whether it is with regard to reading text books pertaining to academics in school, college, university or large projects, the best way to begin is to break them down to make it easier to plan its execution.

  3. Prioritize important work above busy work: Important work and busy work must be clearly distinguished in order to be prioritized. For instance, important work may include planning a systematic project launch rather than answering the daily set of emails, or attending a series of meetings that serve no purpose.

  4. Set aside some time for routine monotonous tasks: While it is essential to prioritize, it is equally critical to set aside time for monotonous and tedious activities for the day. These might be professional or personal in nature. They are both vital and must not be overlooked.

  5. Make time to rest and unwind: It is still necessary to relax and unwind. Life may be tremendously tensing and draining without some time for personal space that includes relaxing and de-stressing.

  6. Discipline: Once you have organized the day, you must practice discipline and stick to the schedule you have established. You will be astonished at how much more effective you can become.

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