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How to reduce anxiety and augment calmness?

Heightened anxiety causes restlessness, thereby blocking the brain from functioning adequately. It virtually paralyses the individual's ability to think further. The thought that is causing anxiety repeats itself in the mind until information is received that is contrary to the thought originating in the mind triggering to cause anxiety.

Anxiety occurs when someone is affected by the event and expects the outcome to be negative by default. This results in thinking about various scenarios that can cause an impending catastrophe concerning the incident and everybody involved in that particular activity.

Calmness is a mental state characterised by inner serenity and tranquillity. It originates from within a person. People who are calm display behaviour that is free of distractions and disturbances from the outside world. These individuals are intelligent, wise and aware of simple truths about life which are difficult to follow for anybody in the race to win in today's highly competitive environment.

Let us consider an example of a family of five people. It consists of the parents and their three children. When the eldest child reached his adolescent years, he requested a bike. The father purchased him a bike after ensuring he learned it well and fulfilled all of the requirements for his driver's license. The mother cared deeply for her children and was attached to them. She had recurrent nightmares of her eldest kid getting struck by another car and being severely injured. The mother, being superstitious, sought help from an astrologer, who urged and advised her not to let her child to travel in the vehicle going forward in order to avert an accident. The mother immediately stopped her son from riding the bike. This caused the mother to feel more relaxed and less concerned while her son was at a disadvantage. It was a win-lose situation.

In another instance, a mother who knew how to drive the car effectively, took the initiative to teach her son how to drive the vehicle safely and helped her son build the confidence he needed to continue driving without her aid in the future. As a result, she remained calm and comfortable when her son drove the car. It was a win-win situation for the mother and her son.

From the above instances, we derive the following pointers that are essential for augmenting calmness.

  1. Control your thoughts since they can spin out of control if left unchecked.

  2. Make a concerted effort to remain optimistic at all times. When an unpleasant or unfavourable thought enters the mind, learn to address it immediately by replacing them with a pleasant and favourable one.

  3. When in doubt or fear of anything going wrong, learn how to deal with anxiety without causing a downturn to yourself or anyone concerned.

  4. Post having learnt the best possible approach to eliminating anxiety, practice it consistently and without fail to continue staying calm.

  5. Most importantly, in contrast to fear and rage, it becomes possible to cope with life’s challenges and obstacles with greater clarity and wisdom. .

  6. Finally, being open to any changes in life and accepting shifts enables progress and creates balance resulting in mental serenity.

Anxiety is common and may be induced by the most insignificant of events. It is feasible to overcome anxiety with minimal effort by increasing learning through reading, listening, and being more attentive.

However, we at Parenting Absolute understand that anxiety has many different facets. External assistance is sometimes required to help address a situation. We therefore invite you and encourage you to seize this opportunity to live a stress free life by booking your exclusive sessions here with expert coaches trained to help you live well.


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