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Sunday Morning, 8 A.M.

Updated: Sep 10

A bright Sunday morning, when kids run out of their homes to play and have fun is a dull day for parents, filled with the chores that have been postponed every day of the week. Alex, who was a successful employee of a large multinational corporation, began his morning in a very monotone manner. He prepared and had his coffee as well as breakfast. He then got into his car and drove to the office. All through the traffic, his only companions were his thoughts.

He thought about how his life resembled a black-and-white movie where he was the only actor. Even though he was filled with joy that he had risen to the top levels of the management at a very young age, his joy was greatly diminished by the boredom and monotony of his tasks and the repetitive nature of his job.

As Alex woke up, he looked at the time with sleepy eyes when he picked up his mobile phone placed on the side table. It showed 9 AM. It was bright outside and the sun was shining brightly even through the thick drapes of Alex’s bedroom window. He had managed to get back to deep sleep even after snoozing the alarm clock set at 8 AM repeatedly. After years of working, every element of his life had become very mechanical. It was the weekend, where Saturdays and Sundays were now, basically the days he would complete a few chores around the house and laze the whole day without doing anything more.

As he lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, he reminisced about the early days of his career when he waited for the weekend and would be excited that he could do anything he pleased. After all these years, it no longer brought him the same excitement. The dull day ahead came across as long and arduous. He pulled himself from the bed and sat down for a few more minutes before making any movement. He then strode to the kitchen and poured himself a strong cup of black coffee. A sip of coffee brought some colour to his face.

He wondered what he should do during the two days of his weekend, as he picked up his laundry from the washing machine and dried the clothes outside. At last, he settled down on the couch in his living room and not knowing what to do, he began scrolling through various social media platforms. He had some fun watching them for an hour but continued browsing through them for the next four hours still thinking about how he should spend the rest of his day. It was already past 1:30 PM and he felt hungry. Looking through the cabinets of his kitchen, he saw the single fly that flew out of the empty space inside. Frustrated, he resorted to ordering some food online. Finishing his lunch, he washed and disposed of the containers in which the food arrived and then, he slept for another couple of hours. When he finally awoke at 7 PM, he sat up and began hating his life.

Following the same morning routine repeatedly every weekend, he felt exhausted and burnt out. He reached his office on Monday morning, and continued his repetitive tasks, being very adept at it. He had a good reputation and relations with his teammates, as the management was happy with him. However, he felt a growing emptiness inside and craved some form of mentally challenging activity that could keep his adrenaline high, as even the most difficult of tasks and challenges were addressed and completed successfully with little effort by Alex who was heading the technical department of his company.

His dread began to set in again as the weekend approached him. This time, however, he came across an advertisement from Parenting Absolute Group. Intrigued, he spent his time browsing through social media, on carefully perusing through all the pages on the website. He returned to scrolling through social media, as he thought about the mentally challenging activities he needed.

When he came across another few advertisements by Parenting Absolute Group about the certification program PAIL, he was now convinced that the program would provide him with all that he desired and that he must enroll himself in the Life Coaching Psychology course. So, he spent another quarter of an hour reading the content on the website, listening and watching the podcasts, and reading the blogs.

He made up his mind to indulge in new learning and enhance his competencies as well. He swiftly registered for the course. He learnt to coach himself as well as others. He transformed himself inside out, as he not only coached himself on discipline but also on delayed gratification and self-control on his earlier habits. He was a different person altogether. Advancing in his organisation, he utilized his time effectively as well as spent some time coaching his peers, teammates, and subordinates who found it difficult to perform well.

His weekends were now filled with self-improvement, self-coaching as well as coaching his peers and family members to inspire them and improve their lives.

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