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Which food is right for you?

Updated: Sep 10

Food is culture driven. Taste is no doubt important. With the explosion of technology and social media, people across the world are trying out foods from other cultures more readily now than earlier. There are a lot of groups promoting veganism, fish, meat and the benefits of these foods. So, it becomes very confusing to people whether it is safe to eat the food they have been eating all these years due to researchers, scientists and media shouting about the effects such food can have on them.

Junk food, fast food and road side food have always been appetizing for the teens and youngsters who are keen to try out different types of food just to experience something different. Some have a sweet tooth and are willing to try new sweets from various sweet shops.

You may remember how your parents had always been after you for not eating healthy food prepared at home. When you put yourself in your parents shoes, you may find yourself repeating the same sentences now to your children as you have now realized the value of eating healthy food. So, what can you do to bring awareness in your children about this?

What can you do?

Being in moderation is the best option. Ensuring that you and your children both enjoy different tastes and types of food while maintaining a balance of diet can be a healthy option. Eating only out side food can become unhealthy or eating only food prepared at home at all times can sometimes get too boring. So, a balance of both can not only help your children be happy, but also allow them to be open to other cultures and tastes as well.

Alternatively, you can learn new recipes and try them out along with your spouse and children. This would also bring about greater bonding in the family.

However, there are many people who resist eating healthy food and are addicted to eating only from restaurant and hotels. It is here that the parents and elders of the family must take the situation into control and do something about it. Forcing the children not to eat from outside may only lead to the children becoming adamant and obese. The experts at Parenting Absolute are always willing to help parents. Book a session with us now. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ParentingAbsolute, and engage with us on Twitter @ParentingAbsol1.


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