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Who can be coached?

Updated: Sep 10

This article endeavours to equip you with a better understanding of this question. While the answer to this question is obvious, it is critical to recognise that coaching cannot and will not prove to be effective under the following scenarios...

• When the individual is struggling to meet his or her basic necessities in life.

• When the individual is unable to think beyond meeting their immediate physiological


• When an individual is undergoing some kind of psychiatric treatment.

If your response to all the above is negative, then you can and will positively benefit from coaching.

Psychologists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow argued that people have enormous potential for personal growth and are constantly seeking to be more than their current selves through self-development. They have believed that each person has within himself and herself, the desire to be creative, responsible and free to live a life that leads to fulfilment.

As a result, coaching is a boon to all individuals who strive and evolve to reach their desired objective in life from time to time during their life span, as it aids the individual who receives coaching, to completely transform themselves inside out through action.

Experts recognise that each person is distinct, as is the environment in which they currently reside. A person's route, approach, or solution to achieving their goals or overcoming their difficulties cannot be applied to another. This is why so many people have failed in their attempts to achieve success.

To continually advance and progress in one’s life, one must make learning and growth their closest allies. Change is constant, and individuals who have recognised this have gone to great lengths to find mentors, advisors, and specialists to help them achieve their objectives.

Another key element of being coached is that the person receiving the sessions must be committed and willing to take action toward their desired goal on a continuous basis in order to see results in the decided period of time.

With the aforementioned knowledge and a desire to improve your life, you are now prepared to identify the areas that need self-development and enrol in the appropriate program.

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