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Life Coaching Psychology

Empowering A Transformative Tomorrow

Admissions for the academic year close on 17th September
Batch 1, 2 & 3 admissions closed for the academic year 2023-24
Batch 4 admissions ongoing for the academic year 2023-24

Life Coaching Psychology

PAIL™, Parenting Absolute Institute's Life Coaching Psychology, a Professional Certification, Online Learning Program has been curated and designed by experts to guide you towards realizing the new pinnacle of your potential.

Life Coaching Psychology provides exciting opportunities to those who have the desire to learn, grow and apply the learning in expanding professional horizons.

The Curriculum

The curriculum has been carefully crafted by the faculty keeping in mind the students, the newest advancements, and the depth of concepts to aid you in understanding and reinforcing the concepts on a deeper level to assure valuable outcomes when applied while enhancing your proficiency and self-efficacy in coaching.

The curriculum has been developed to include:

  1. Fundamental principles of Pure and Applied Psychology

  2. Fundamentals and Principles of Life Coaching

  3. The significance of Psychology in Life Coaching

  4. Exciting Quizzes

  5. Assignments for additional learning

  6. Practical Sessions

Internships and Graduation

Internships and mentoring provided, help you learn the finer nuances of a coach-client relationship in practice. Throughout the program, you are equipped with all requisite competencies and skills, enhancing your confidence and knowledge, aiding you to articulate your thoughts succinctly, preparing you for a broad variety of career opportunities. Upon graduation, the student is provided with a grade sheet and awarded a convocation certificate based on C.G.P.A.

Program Details

  • The course commences on 18th September 2023

  • The mode of the program is online

  • The duration of the course is 2 years (4 Semesters)

  • The frequency of admissions is yearly

  • The institute charges a one-time fee for the entire 2-year course.

Program Benefits

Program Outcomes