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An Optimised, Dynamic, & Secure Examinations System


Online Examination Framework, Uniform Assessment Mechanism, Examination Programming Logic, Robust Comparison Algorithms, Reliability, Automated Evaluation, Question Randomisation, Question Paper Set Randomisation, Academic Integrity, Digital Examinations, Hall Ticket, Login Credentials

An Optimised, Dynamic, & Secure Examinations System


This paper presents the design and implementation of a robust online examination system that ensures the integrity and security of the assessment process. The system employs date comparison algorithms to determine examination schedules and provides a buffer period for seamless login. Additionally, a robust question randomisation technique is implemented to prevent collusion and maintain the integrity of assessments. This system represents a significant advancement in online examination platforms, offering a secure and equitable environment for conducting digital examinations, both remote and physical. In addition to its robust examination framework, our system provides the flexibility of automated evaluation, allowing for swift and accurate grading of submitted answers. The system offers a reliable platform for conducting online assessments while upholding the highest standards of academic integrity.

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