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Involved Parenting

Foster secure, confident, and well-adjusted child development.

Service Description

What is involved parenting? Involved parenting signifies a committed, nurturing, and attentive approach to child-rearing. It entails consistent interaction, emotional support, and active participation in a child's growth and learning. This style fosters secure attachments, encourages autonomy, and bolsters self-esteem. Involved parents engage in open communication, set clear boundaries, and provide a safe environment for your children to explore and thrive. How will I benefit? 1. Enhanced Parent-Child Relationships: Involved parenting nurtures a strong bond between parents and their children. 2. Better Academic Performance: Involved parents tend to be more invested in their children's education leading to improved academic performance and a stronger educational foundation. 3. Resilience and Confidence: Involved parents teach their children to tackle challenges and persevere in the face of setbacks. Modality of Coaching: Online audio call Frequency: One consultation per week

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