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Retirement Coaching

Prepare for a fulfilling, secure, and well-planned retirement

Service Description

What is retirement coaching? Retirement is a life stage marking the end of one's primary career or working life. It typically involves leaving the workforce, often at a certain age or after reaching financial independence. Retirement offers an opportunity to enjoy personal interests, travel, spend time with family, or engage in new pursuits. A well-planned retirement includes financial preparations, health considerations, and strategies for maintaining a purposeful and satisfying lifestyle during this phase of life. How will I benefit? 1. Financial Planning: Retirement coaching helps you create a secure financial plan to support your lifestyle and well-being during retirement. 2. Emotional Adjustment: It assists in the emotional transition from a career to retirement, addressing any concerns or anxieties, and promoting a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. 3. Health and Wellness: Retirement coaching often includes discussions on maintaining physical and mental well-being in retirement, ensuring a long and healthy retirement period. Modality of Coaching: Online audio call Frequency: One consultation per week

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