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Parenting 360 Lite

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This course covers major aspects of personal and professional life from personality development to the achievement of enhanced levels of productivity. You'll find many answers to your day-to-day questions in this course. These are provided to help you ease your journey through life. This course covers all areas of one's personal development. This course will serve as a comprehensive guide throughout your life's journey. Congratulations on making a decision towards comfort and happiness. Parenting is a challenging and highly fulfilling journey. This is an experience totally unique to you and your loved ones. Taking this course will help you shift yourself towards a stress-free life while inculcating in your children the core competencies to propel yourself and your loved ones towards self-sufficiency and independence. Shifting oneself towards comfort and happiness is always a continuous journey in this constantly changing world. One is often found seeking assistance when working towards achieving one’s dreams and desires. Discover more. What you’ll learn: 1. Parent oneself and ones loved ones 2. Learn and equip oneself with skills through the tools and strategies provided 3. Shift oneself and ones loved ones towards independence through competence and self-sufficiency 4. Develop and be aware of the shifts taking place within 5. Achieve well-being, good health, comfort and happiness


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