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Jul 7, 2024 - Sep 28, 2024

Parenting Fundamentals

  • 84Days
  • 37Steps

One of the simplest ways to improve parenting skills is by learning from experts in this field. This course takes you through a journey as a parent and the finer intricacies you come across in your life as parent. This course is for parents who were unsure of the decisions they have taken regarding their children, confused whether they did the right thing in saying something to their children, had a fear of hurting their children, even if they did something wrong, but were afraid to say so or discipline them in any way. The list is inexhaustive. Making mistakes with our children can lead to heavy losses as the time once lost cannot be brought back at any cost. Parenting children in the ways that suit each child is no doubt very difficult. The Parenting Fundamentals are the most important requisite qualities, skills, and strategies that you, as parents, or would-be-parents require, to help your children become successful.


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