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Work Inhibition

  • 52Weeks
  • 164Steps

This challenge is for parents who are stressed due to their children being work-inhibited. This challenge is for 52 weeks which takes you step by step to help you understand your child better, and show you how to help your child become independent, self-sufficient and happy as they are overly dependent on their parents or elder siblings. This challenge will help you improve your child's proficiency in completing his/her tasks both at home and at school. Disclaimer: Rule out any doubt by answering these questions listed below: Do you see your child facing any of the following concerns. If 'yes', then your child could also be facing 'attention deficit' issues which are not part of this challenge. 1) Child may be uneasy in his or her seat, fidget with hands, and frequently appear to be restless 2) Difficulty remaining seated when required 3) Become easily distracted by external stimuli 4) Finding difficulty awaiting his or her turn in traditional games 5) Often blurt out answers to questions even before they have been completed 6) Difficulty following through on instructions from others 7) Have difficulty playing quietly 8) Talks a lot 9) Often interrupts others 10) Does not listen to what is being said to him or her


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