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How coaching transforms lives

Updated: Sep 6

Coaching has existed for thousands of years. It has existed in every culture. It has continuously evolved with changing times and acclimatized to suit the needs of the individuals seeking to be coached.

Humans are the highest of the evolved species due to this ability to constantly learn and grow. Those who have strived to grow and succeed have sought to learn from coaches. Arjuna learned from Krishna, King Chandragupta Maurya learned from Chanakya and Swami Vivekananda learned from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. In present times, there are innumerable examples to prove the importance of coaching.

Being born as humans, we are presented with many problems and challenges in our life. We are fortunate to be born in a technological era that has brought us solutions in many ways.

The crux to transforming oneself is to be open to learning and practice. This is not easy as it requires perseverance and dedication which successful people have definitely mastered.

Can everyone seeking knowledge and change transform themselves?

You already know the answer to this question. However, what differentiates a happy person from that of an unhappy one is the doubt they allow to creep into their minds.

Coaching, thus provides a platform for everyone, no matter what background they come from to change and transform themselves.

How can you get started?

When Rashi became a parent, her desire was to be a different parent to her children. She wanted her children to be intelligent, smart, bold, creative, and most importantly confident. She did not know where to get started though her goal was clear.

Having clarity of thought and purpose in life made her take appropriate action and choose to partner with us, to help her achieve her dreams and desires which transformed her and her family. To get started, you can contact us here.

It is surprising how small actions taken in earnestness, can give big results. She understood the importance of decisions and decided to improve herself and her family.

You can also achieve big results by having clarity of purpose and working on the right decisions. There is no better time than now to change your life as you are different from those who intend to do so but do not. They find themselves in situations similar or worse, even after 20 years. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ParentingAbsolute, and engage with us on Twitter @ParentingAbsol1.


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