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At Parenting Absolute,

We believe in propelling your potential to reach the stars, beyond limits. We believe in enhancing your learning and development.

Our Motto

Work like you are your net worth.

~ Akhil Sampath

Work like you don't.

~Mallika T R

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Fraudulent Job Offers

At Parenting Absolute, we are aware of certain fraudsters who are misusing the brand’s identity through fraudulent recruitment offers. A fraudster approaches a candidate promising a secure position at Parenting Absolute in return for payment received by the fraudster from the candidate. The officials at Parenting Absolute do not send unsolicited mails or messages to any candidate with offers of employment or ask for payment of fees for the processing of the application. All valid employment details are displayed and updated on the Careers page.

All official communications from Parenting Absolute’s team are made only through the official email “”. Parenting Absolute does not permit employees to send or receive work-related emails from personal accounts or any other email address. All offers of employment at Parenting Absolute are made after conducting a formal interview process and signing a legal contract. Any offers of employment which do not follow this process are likely to be fraudulent. We encourage you to foster vigilance in such circumstances.


At Parenting Absolute, we believe in providing equal opportunities and creating diverse working environments through employment to qualified professionals.

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